Bankruptcy & Creditors Rights

With over 30 years of experience in representing secured lenders in bankruptcy related matters, our firm specializes in guiding lenders through the highly technical and debtor-friendly world of bankruptcy law. This requires specialized knowledge of the unique aspects of the Bankruptcy Code, as well as a refined understanding of the ideological, philosophical, and philosophical background of each specific Bankruptcy Judge, Trustee, and Debtor’s Counsel. All of these elements factor into the advice we provide to our clients. Our Firm’s practice extends to all bankruptcy courts throughout Alabama and Tennessee and includes the following services:

  • Cram-down/confirmation objections
  • Lien challenges
  • Automatic stay litigation
  • Proof of claim defense
  • Use of cash collateral and collateral substitution
  • Adversary proceedings
  • Bankruptcy appeals

The firm also offers its clients national bankruptcy services in the processes surrounding Proofs of Claim and associated documents. With filing privileges in all bankruptcy courts in the United States, Spina & Lavelle offers a single-source solution for the filing of Proofs of Claim (POC), Notice of Payment Change (PCN), Notice of Fees, Expenses, and Charges (PPFN or NOFEC), Transfer of Claim (TOC), Response to Final Cure (RTFC), and other bankruptcy-related processes. This allows our clients to realize significant time savings and uniformity of service in those areas.

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