Collection & Replevin

Built on the foundation of our first client in 1991, Spina & Lavelle is a proven leader in the area of repossession and collection litigation. We represent a variety of creditors, both secured or unsecured, on consumer and commercial loans involving motor vehicles, mobile homes, commercial equipment, and credit card purchases. Too often, corporations overlook trouble accounts as a potential profit source - which is why our comprehensive recovery management approach is ultimately designed to redirect the flow of that income back into our clients’ revenue streams. That is why many of the nation’s leading lenders look to Spina & Lavelle to reduce their delinquencies and increase their recoveries.

The Firm's growth and reputation for quality legal work, along with the high recovery percentages are a direct result of our abilities to represent our clients effectively and expeditiously with all their repossession and collection needs. Specifically, our state court-related legal services include:

  • Replevin actions regarding the repossession of the collateral
  • Contesting liens claimed by shop owners and repairmen and defense of Abandoned Motor Vehicle Claims
  • Defense of governmental seizure and forfeiture proceedings
  • Litigation, including both jury and non-jury settings
  • Deficiency collection
  • Representation in alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and Mediation

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